How Are You?

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A Storefront is privately owned but imposes itself on the public. It does this in order to inform passers-by about the contents of the store, to encourage them to step out of the public street and into a private world. During this pandemic, this scene has been changed, with fewer opportunities to enter into these private worlds.

How Are You? collects stories of people and documents their ‘quarantine places,’ which are modified to accommodate their lives and work during this time, displays them in boxes as model theater scenes stacked together in a storefront for public view, to entice them into their private lives. The boxes are visual conversations, like we might overhear on the street, which gives people pause and slows them down. Instead of focusing on the emptiness of the store, and the loss of retail activity, it invites us to connect to the people all around us through our imagination.

The scenes of private places are interpreted through conversations with participants and the photographs they
provide. The conversation will be documented and posted online, and can be accessed by scanning a QR code on the storefront window. Each participant will then introduce the next participant to have a conversation with, and so on, so the entire storefront is a chain of friends, families and acquaintances, highlighting that we are all connected in a wide-reaching web.